Town Hall, through the Calvià Sports Institute (Institut Calvianer d’Esports  – ICE), is promoting a Municipal Plan for Healthy Lifestyle Habits with the aim of improving the health and well-being of all Calvià citizens by promoting lifestyles that allow them to enjoy better health, prevent possible illnesses and, in general, obtain a better and higher standard of living.

The current health situation has highlighted the importance of maintaining good health in order to strengthen the immune system. Therefore prevention and health promotion are fundamental. Hand in hand with the primary health care centres, the efforts of the Town Hall will focus on reducing the population’s bad habits, reducing the need for medical attention, promoting health and wellbeing, and promoting active and healthy ageing and preventing functional deterioration.
Healthy lifestyle habits are a priority 
Our lifestyle is strongly conditioned by our environment (family, friends, work, beliefs, etc.), and this influences our organism to a greater or lesser extent. Developing healthy lifestyle habits should be a priority, among other reasons, to prevent chronic diseases, extend life expectancy and fight obesity. As a matter of fact, childhood obesity is currently one of the biggest health problems we are faced with.
The role of the local public institution is fundamental, as by way of the management of its jurisdiction it can have a decisive impact on the structural transformations necessary to make healthy options the easiest choice for people in the environment.
Diagnosis of lifestyle habits of “Calvianers” (Calvià residents) 
analysis of the lifestyle habits of the people who live in the municipality of Calvià. For this purpose, the  Institut Calvianer d’Esports” (Calvià Sports Institute) has prepared an anonymous survey that is being distributed these days amongst the public. Based on the conclusions drawn from the data analysis, priority lines of action will be established with the aim of making initiatives and community  actions that contribute to improving health available to the residents of the municipality.
Link to the survey:
Spheres of action, key actions of the plan and target groups 

The plan will include actions in different areas, including the following:

  • Promotion of physical activity and physical exercise
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Emotional management – such as stress
  • Awareness and training on the negative effect of addictions
It will work transversally with the different municipal areas, other institutions, associations and groups of residents and the rest of the organisations that make up the municipality.
Programmes adapted to different population groups will be designed, with special attention to children and young people, women over 50, and senior citizens.
Some of the actions envisaged are: healthy eating and routine workshops, promoting the enrolment of schools in the healthy lifestyle programme, educational talks, incorporation of healthy sports programmes via medical prescription and programmes for active ageing, etc.

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